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Who We Are

The first gym started in January 2013, owned and run by a husband and wife team, Rachelle Solan and Josh Ahmet, located in Orpington, Kent.  They had passion and a strong vision to revolutionise the fitness industry and to break the cliché of traditional gyms.  With budget gyms vastly opening and spa and racquet club gyms not meeting the needs of fitness enthusiasts, Rachelle and Josh realised there is a massive gap in the market.  Their passion and dedication was recognised by the National Fitness Awards and won multi-awards for being best in their industry in the UK for 2015 & 2016 and shortlisted in 2017.

They built gyms around the member’s needs focusing on achieving results and only believe in delivering the best equipment with the best service.  Being priced within the middle market and adding the value to the members experience, the first club grew strength to strength which allowed them to successfully open a second gym in February 2017.

We’re here to rock the fitness industry with our unique built gyms that are created to have the ‘wow factor’, ‘blow your socks ‘off effect, in an environment that is fun, cool and ‘let’s get down to business’ way!  Solan Fitness has been developed and built award winning, state of the art fitness clubs and we are now taking our unique concept global.

Franchise to Dominate

Become part of the Solan Squad, that is taking the gym world by storm.  We’re seeking for entrepreneurs that are hungry, driven and want financial freedom to be part of our growing army.  The success of our model is our mentorship and training we have hosted within our team as we have taken inexperienced non-industry people and created them into highest performing winners within the Squad.

We want to team up with ambitous and motivated like minded entrepreneurs that will have the passion to grow, have the ability to lead your business and team from the front and continue the Solan Fitness culture.

The Fitness Industry

2017 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report.


9.7 million fitness members in the UK.


All time high penetration rate of 14.9%.

1 in 7

1 in every 7 people are members of a gym.


Total market value is estimated at £4.7 billion, up 6.3% on 2016.


272 new public and private fitness facilities have opened in the last 12 months, up from 224 in 2016.

Interested in a Solan Fitness Franchise?

Becoming a Solan Fitness franchisee, not only will you be apart of the award winning brand, we will work with you to ensure each and every one of the clubs is successful and profitable.

The great benefits of owning your own Solan Fitness:

  • Create financial freedom
  • Be your own boss and become an inspiring leader
  • Turn passion into profit
  • Work on your terms and around your lifestyle
  • Get out of the rat race and determine your own income.
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Multi-Award Winning

Be proud to join forces with a multi-award winning brand winning against thousands of other gyms.

Increase Profit and Revenue

Grow your business by achieving high profit margins compared to the standard fitness franchises and focus on a sales driven environment

SOLAN University

Our comprehensive training university programme will prepare you and your team for a healthy successful business developed by a world class sales training expert.

Full mentorship and support

Be mentored and supported by successful entrepreneurs not business development employees. Receive advice, guidance and knowledge from the pros

The Fitness Industry

Our industry is a growing market and the Millennials are now educating themselves with health, fitness and becoming more conscious in appearance and body image than ever before. With the TV, media and social media focusing on vanity needs and body images, the fitness trend is vastly growing.  Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey was released in 2013 reveals Millennials are now doing more gym activities more than any other generation before. Millennials view the traditional health clubs something for their parents and not for them.  The fitness industry is evolving and our gyms are growing with the Millennials and fitness enthusiasts.

Research conducted for professional services firm PwC by The Local Data Company (LDC) shows more health clubs opened in 2016, while department stores and banks saw a fall in store numbers.

According to a new report by The Leisure Database Company (LeisureDB) 2017, membership of UK gyms rose from 9.2m to 9.7m last year, as the number of facilities went up to more than 6,500. 1 in 7 of us is now a member.

A Strong Investment

Fitness is at its peak and still growing, joining a Solan Fitness franchise is a strong investment as there are no middle market operators with our unique concept owning this space.  Be involved in this investment and dominate the market with us!

We believe budget operators are now being saturated and offer all the same product with a different name.  We know cheap isn’t always the best nor is it the best on your return on investment.  We believe in healthy profits and high margins.  For every 1 membership we sell, a budget operator must work 4 times as hard to achieve the same revenue.

Our model works smart for your money and we have achieved multiple streams of income in one Club, we believe you should be maximizing revenue from several different avenues on your business.

Be part of a smarter business and join the Solan Squad!

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