The Beginning

Solan Fitness grew from a small and successful martial arts club based South East London in 2010. The martial arts club cultivated National and International champions, and were winning competition after competition.  The founders of the club then decided to expand and implement strength training with the martial arts therefore Solan Fitness was born.  The first Solan Fitness, based in Orpington, Kent was created to improve the performance of the students and to obtain serious results and achievements.

Solan Fitness Orpington opened in January 2013 and the success of the club grew along with the team force, and Solan Fitness began to spread their passion for fitness, results, achieving goals and positively changing lives. Solan Fitness began to educate and innovate strength and fitness training to all, having  different types of members, from socially active millennials to the grandmother looking to stay strong.

We’re proud Multi-Award Winning Gym of the National Fitness Awards taking home the Best Strength Training Gym of the Year 2015, the Best Combat Zone Gym of the Year  2016 and Best Gym Team of the Year 2016.  The Orpington Club is the largest strength training facility in Bromley borough. Due to the success of Orpington, we have expanded with our second club located in East Grinstead, West Sussex, which opened in February 2017.

Solan Future

We’re an ambitious and driven company and have strong growth plans for our Solan Fitness clubs opening throughout the UK and will be opening several clubs annually.  Our aim is to take strength training facilities mainstream. Therefore, making them easily accessible to all those who want to achieve serious results.

Each of our clubs will offer the core values of strength, education and results driven. Each club will have a unique twist, making each club different and never boring or the same. Therefore training is always fun, fresh and motivating.